Kodiak specializes in - but is not limited to - parts manufactured for the medical, computer and wireless communications industries as well as the military and is known and respected for its expertise in all areas of machining.

The mission of the company is to continue in it’s steady and disciplined pattern of growth to unlimited levels.  It is our intent to add as many talented and dedicated people to our already professional staff as it requires to make this happen. 

"Kodiak’s customers & employees are vital to it’s success and the company places great value in them."

- A. Gaudet, Owner


Kodiak was established in 1984 by it’s present owner, Arthur Gaudet, and his former business partner. They saw an opportunity to venture out on their own and grow with a well established customer. 

What began as a two man partnership in a basement, Kodiak Machine, has grown steadily over the years.

Kodiak Machining Company was incorporated in 1987.  At that time Kodiak purchased the property it now occupies at 20 Hayward Street - a 5,000 square foot industrial building until 2008 when new offices and manufacturing brought that space to over 12,000 sq. feet.

Kodiak is truly a family company that employs personnel in varying capacities which has included over the years; brothers, fathers and sons, uncles and nephews.